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Download Chair Conformation Background. Double newman diagram for methylcyclohexane. How to draw both chair conformations of cyclohexane.

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The chair conformation is the most stable conformer. Learn vocabulary, terms and more with flashcards, games and other study tools. In the chair comformation, the internal bond angle at a carbon atom is 111.4º, very close to the ideal value, 109.5º.

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So the repulsion is less.thus chair conformation not only free from angle strain but free of torsional strain. So while a wedge is always drawn as up in the chair conformation in the book, you can just turn the page upside down and it is now down (but obviously still the same molecule). Of these three the chair is the most stable, mainly because it has a staggered arrangement of all its bonds. How to draw both chair conformations of cyclohexane.